Solutions At a Glance…

You Do:

The Science of Social Media

Every major social media platform – Facebook, Facebook Live, Twitter, Linkedin, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Google+ and Pinterest – How, Why, What.
The Complete Formula to Get Real Business Results!


Message to Millions Mastery

Build a successful online foundation capable of 7 figures, create the lifestyle of your dreams and Reach Millions with Your Message.


Internet Success Mastery

The Steps I Took to Create my Empire! – 6 critical lessons that take you through the step by step details and foundation of online marketing.


We Do:

Message to Millions Mastermind

Each month you will have access to the secrets to creating the online brand, influence and reach of your dreams, and then we will get together on a mastermind call where I will answer all your questions. You will learn Exactly How You Can Go From Zero to a Product to an International Speaker and Even a Television Celebrity all by Following My Simple Step by Step Straight to the Point System.


Online Clarity Cleanse Call

Just 90 Minutes of Your Time Could Guarantee Your Social Media, Website, and Target Market Confusions Would Completely Vanish, and Be Replaced With a Customized Solid Online Action Plan.


Business Online Mastery

3 days of live training with me through strategies that can change the course of your business, increase your profits immediately, and Turn Your Business Into a Powerful Profit Machine


QuantumLeap Author

When you want to become a bestselling author, in a professional book that profiles you as an authority, celebrity, or credible resource – this is your answer. Join me and only 11 other authors in a lead building profile raising book. Be the author you always dreamed of.



Sometimes you need to bring all your pieces to someone and have them show you where they fit, or take it apart and rebuild it in the right way. That’s where quality time with an award winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and philanthropist can change the trajectory of your business.


I Do For You:

Instant Online Impact – Diamond

Diamond is a year long full concierge business consulting and online marketing service program where your websites, marketing, SEO, social media, autoresponder including Infusionsoft management and other items are done for you.


Instant Online Impact – Platinum

This program is for those who are committed to developing a new business or taking an existing business to new level and who want to get it right – now!


Instant Online Impact – Silver

This “Done For You” service gives you a successful launch in your new marketing efforts online. You work with Tracy for 30 days while your new Landing Page is designed and created and your next business steps and expansion strategies are planned.


Social Media ANYTHING

This “Done For You” service lets you pick the social media platform you want to grow, engage more, or connect to more leads and prospects. When time is not your friend, this is your remedy.